Airtable Marketplace Extensions

Extension: Ready Made Formulas

Formula fields can calculate new data from the existing fields in your base. However, writing quality formulas can be tricky. Use the Ready Made Formulas app to get over a dozen complex formulas for common situations.
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Extension: Field List

Complex bases can have a lot of tables and fields to manage, which can be challenging when planning changes to a base.

Use this app to generate a table listing all of the fields in your base, then leverage the power of Airtable to analyze them.
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Extension: Quick View

When a table is very wide, key fields often scroll out of view as you look at other fields. This app lets you keep key fields for the record in view.
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Extension: Formula for a Prefilled Form

Prefilled forms can save time and improve accuracy, but manually building the URLs for prefilled forms can be tedious and subject to typos. This app creates a formula that you can place in that table to generate a unique prefilled URL for each record in the table.
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