Extension: Field List

Complex bases can have a lot of tables and fields to manage, which can be challenging when planning changes to a base.

Use this extension to generate a table listing all of the fields in your base, then leverage the power of Airtable to analyze them.

Getting the extension

You can get the extension in the Airtable Marketplace.

Upgrading the extension

You can purchase a license for premium features in my Gumroad store.


Free Info

  • Field Id
  • Field Name
  • Field Type
  • Table Id
  • Is Primary Field?

Premium Info

  • Field Description
  • Field Options
  • Compute Status
  • Computed Using
  • Used to Compute

Use Case 1

You want to see the underlying editable fields used to calculate the various formula fields.

  1. Run the extension to create a table of fields in the base.
  2. Convert the Computed Using and Used to Compute fields into linked record fields, linking to the same table.
  3. Duplicate the primary field containing the field Id.
  4. Convert the primary field into a formula field including the field name.
  5. Create a filtered view to show only records that have values in Computed Using or Used to Compute.
  6. Use the Org Chart extension to view the hierarchy of how fields are computed in the filtered view.

Use Case 2

You have a production base and a test base and want to compare the structure of the bases.

  1. Run the extension in both bases.
  2. Create a new field for the base name in both tables.
  3. Copy all of the records from one base into the table for the other base.
  4. Run the dedupe extension to identify duplicates, but do not merge the duplicates. Any records that are not duplicates indicate that the fields are different in the two bases.

Note that although computed fields might have the same names, they could still have different formulas.


This extension does not include formulas for fields, as that information is not available in the extension SDK.

The Computed Using and Used to Compute information includes only fields used in the formula. It does not include fields used in the condition of a conditional rollup.

This extension creates a table with a snapshot of the fields. If you make changes to the base, you can run the extension again to see the most current list of fields.