Extension: Low Tech Pdf

Generate pdf attachments using your record data with the click of a button.

This extension requires a PDFShift account.

Getting the extension

You can get the extension in the Airtable Marketplace.

Upgrading the extension

You can purchase a license for premium features in my Gumroad store.


  • Create a template using either HTML or Markdown. Include headings, tables, images, and more.

  • Edit the template directly in the extension. No logging into another service to create or edit the template.

  • Add your field values by by using mustache syntax for field name: {{field name}}

  • Add styling using CSS.

  • Generate multi-page pdf files, based on the content in your data.

  • Only collaborators with creator permissions can edit the template or other settings. Editors can create pdf files, but not alter the template.

Premium Features

  • Remove the Low Tech Pdf watermark. You will also need a PDFShift subscription to remove the PDFShift watermark.

  • See an HTML preview of the document before converting.

Why "Low Tech"?

The templates and styling require hand coded HTML or Markdown, and CSS. There is no WYSIWYG editor.