Databases Make Lousy Gifts

During a hiatus from the workforce to raise my children, I kept an eye out for an affordable database solution. At the public library, I could use MS Access for free, but I longed for a cloud based solution that didn't require carting files on a thumbdrive and getting kicked off the computer after two hours. Then I discovered Airtable. More importantly, I discovered the Airtable API documentation.

The rave review for the Airtable API documentation inspired me to build a website, even though I knew no nothing about web development. That summer, I gave myself a crash course in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, creating my first CRUD application.

With my children approaching college age and me needing to return to the workforce, I decided that creating computer apps would be more fun than explaining how to use them. While investigating coding boot camps, I also started working my way through freeCodeCamp because it fit my budget.